Are water bottles jamming up your cupholders?

If you have a wife and/or girlfriend you’ll soon find that your cupholders are jammed up with half filled water bottles. I heard a guy say once that a good way to identify as female is to buy bottled water.

I wasn’t sure about this, but when I asked my live-in wife why she needed a bottle of water, because there were already two half filled old ones cluttering up the car, she said, “They’re old.” Water gets old? All this is new to me.

And you know, if you think you can set some rules, like, if you buy a bottle of water, take it with you.

craigville beach

No, you’ll get nowhere. Remember, guys, the cardinal, bishop, pope rule of dealing with females is, never, ever speak to them, because they speak back. In volumes. Volumes you don’t want to hear. Just keep it quiet, guys.

Sure, you just opened a beer and are driving along, and get stopped by the cops. Now, if you had an empty cupholder, you wouldn’t have to say to the cop, when he asks you for your license and registration, “Here, hold this.”


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