Don Quixote in 2017


Don Quixote is a middle-aged man who sees the world


differently than others. When he sees castles, giants, and princesses,


others see inns, windmills and prostitutes. He goes on many adventures but often gets things


wrong by mistaking strangers for enemies, being beaten senseless by


mule-drivers and falling off his horse.


Even though Don Quixote lives in the time when


chivalry is dead he is committed to it and even has a code that he


follows. There are six points to his code and they are:



1-Call nothing thine except thy soul.


2-Love not what thou art, but only what thou may become.


3-Do not pursue pleasure, for thou may have the misfortune to overtake it.


4-Look always forward, in last year’s nest there are no birds this year.


5-Be just to all men–courteous to all women.


6-Live in the vision of the One all whom should seek.



Pictures of Pyramids




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