Save Detroit Automakers

Detroit needs more hybrid 4X4s

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bike-pavementWho would have thought GM and Chrysler would file bankruptcy? Probably not their employees. Here are some ideas to avoid that happening again. Detroit automakers dug their own grave with planned obsolescence. This led to the growth in Japanese automakers—even the South Korean car manufacturers, who sold cars that were built better, and would last longer. Detroit has been catching up ever since. Detroit has even outsourced production to Mexico, which has further ruined Oldsmobile’s hometown. While Chrysler has teamed up with Fiat, which led to a partnership with a manufacturer that produces Ferraris and Maseratis, not to mention Alfa Romeos, this is exciting, but my goal is to resurrect USA auto making and Detroit itself.

Surely, a made in Detroit badge is worth something to people who believe in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

So, here’s my simple plan, Chrysler, Ford and Chevy:…

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