New Golf Rules–Please!

Is there any way we need snooty, boring, Masters-like, old fart, boring, snobby losers from St. Andrews running us into the ground every time we tee it up? I don’t think so. We’re out there buying the clubs, way too many golf balls and firing them into the woods to trip up squirrels and chipmunks. […]

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Don Quixote in 2017

  Don Quixote is a middle-aged man who sees the world   differently than others. When he sees castles, giants, and princesses,   others see inns, windmills and prostitutes. He goes on many adventures but often gets things   wrong by mistaking strangers for enemies, being beaten senseless by   mule-drivers and falling off his […]

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Save Detroit Automakers

Who would have thought GM and Chrysler would file bankruptcy? Probably not their employees. Here are some ideas to avoid that happening again. Detroit automakers dug their own grave with planned obsolescence. This led to the growth in Japanese automakers—even the South Korean car manufacturers, who sold cars that were built better, and would last […]

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